About me:

I live and work in Bragança. I was born in Lisbon (1980), where I got my licenciatura degree in Painting at the Fine Arts Faculty (FBAUL). I got my MFA in Computer Art under two scholarships kindly sponsored by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in partnership with FLAD, and the MFACA department of SVANY.

I didn't finish my PhD. I had three kids. I still have them. I like to dance but haven't had the time to. Walking is my preferred transportation method. My preferred food is a cheese sandwich and I think Stephen Colbert's Questionert is flawed. If you have any further questions, please write. I strongly dislike phone calls.

About my body of work:

I started VJing while still in school, making animations for live shows (music performances), using watercolors and analog methods that were digitized and animated. Back in 2001 it seemed really amazing that computers were allowing me to do things that had been so hard to achieve through analog methods.

I mainly saw computers as solutions to problems, so when social media started to bubble, I wasn’t sure what to make of it. Instances of Commediation questions this digital inhabitation of multiple spatial layers through social media. There is no physical presence, but we take action in multiple platforms. Later, the project emo & tick looks into new communication habits through the use of emoticons and emojis and the abbreviation of messages to an x number of characters. Do we reduce communication or do we increase interaction [ó_ò]?

In 2011, I started a PhD in Digital Media at the faculty of engineering in Porto (FEUP) at the CoLab UT Austin|Portugal program. Reversing the logic of my MFA by being led through tangible space by digital platforms, I started to work on hackerspaces. It seemed fascinating how social interactions online could produce real life meeting points. Could we develop something together? How would these environments affect my art practice? I saw these communities as spaces for collaboration with like-minded people, but it was hard for someone like me, who is so used to working alone. Individually Collaborative embodies this dilemma. The Modular Characters kit and the website DITsss (Do it Together share | site | space) attempt to adopt an open access logic to my artwork. I really like the concept of opensource, but it seems to be looked as something redundant when applied to art. It’s a complicated relationship.

Meanwhile, I had three kids and my working time was considerably reduced for about 6 years. My show “Marquise de Sá” reflects on this new role and goes back to analog processes – watercolor and acrylic painting. I wanted my body back to myself.

Recently I moved to Bragança because we got tired of Lisbon. I hope nobody finds Bragança in the map and just let us quietly be :P


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