The modular characters were conceived as a kit so that anyone could create and build figures - initially thought as stop-motion figures - through the open access to its digital files.

The kit is composed by fragments of characters and settings - MDF or plywood pieces which are laser cut through digital fabrication - and can be freely assembled with the help of nuts and screws. Its initial development was made at FabLab EDP and FabLab Lisboa.

Once assembled, the figures can be used for different purposes. It was initially envisioned for outdoor stop-motion animation, reversing the controlled studio environment, using wooden tracks for the figures to stand and be ready for photo-shoots (and also, by using locknuts the figures are easy to animate).

The modular characters kit was part of my research on open art and technology-driven communities and was developed based on my open access drawings as an open stop-motion animation kit. However, it has grown and expanded since its initial conception for other purposes.

As an open access kit still under development, people who wish to make use of the kit can contact me for accessing it.

Two different projects have already used this kit: