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pi_ADD(a) forte

Posted on January 28, 2012 by rita

I had the pleasure to participate in Simão Costa's project "pi_ADD(a) forte" along with a handful of very talented people :)

This show was directed towards a younger audience, blending different languages that worked like puzzle pieces. A homage to our great imagination power.

pi_ADD(a) forte takes place January 28th to February 1st at CCB

Simão Costa director, music composition, prepared piano

Joana Sá music composition, prepared piano

Yola Pinto choreography,dance

Rita Sá video, animation

João Damas sound projection

Moirika Reker assistant director

MSM studio programming and multimedia direction

MÃOSIMMÂO production, co-production

CCB/Fábrica das Artesco-production